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Lawyer Websites, Masterful Legal SEO, New Lawyer Website Division Launched

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Florida Mesothelioma Help, Florida Mesothelioma Lawyers, Asbestos Alert

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Florida mesothelioma lawyers are helping victims of asbestos related mesothelioma file mesothelioma lawsuits for compensation thru the mesothelioma trust. Funds have been set aside for payout to victims and families of this deadly and fatal lung cancer.

Asbestos does not occur naturally in Florida, but large amounts of asbestos were shipped to the state and even more asbestos-containing products were used commercially in construction and other industries. According to records, at least 109,949 tons of asbestos were shipped from Libby, Montana for processing in five cities throughout Florida, including Boca Raton, Jacksonville, Pompano Beach, St. Petersburg and Tampa.

Hundreds of Florida buildings harbor asbestos-containing materials (ACM), but as long as the asbestos is not damaged and undisturbed, it's considered nearly harmless. However, many business and property owners in the state have taken steps to remove the asbestos from their buildings out of fear of harm to the public since asbestos is known to cause terminal illnesses like mesothelioma cancer. The number of asbestos lawsuits filed (and won) in Florida is also a motivator to prevent harmful exposure. Still, others have left the asbestos-containing materials in place, and instead, developed asbestos awareness and management programs, which help to manage the asbestos at these ACM facilities.,

Mesothelioma has a latency period of 20 to 50 years. Many odf our Florida seniors are just starting to show complications associtated with mesothelioma.

Florida Asbestos Exposure Lawyers
Florida Mesothelioma Lawyer Advertising on T.V is on the rise .                                                                                                            Get a LOCAL Florida Mesothelioma lawyers from a trusted source.

There are many sites in Florida where asbestos exposure occurred including Cape Canaveral. NASA technical reports indicate that asbestos was used in numerous applications that included soldering bases and pressurized vessels used to contain gases and rocket fuel.

During the last twenty years of the 20th Century, Brevard County – home of Cape Canaveral – reported 87 deaths due to asbestos exposure. Approximately sixty of these deaths were attributed to mesothelioma. Broward County, however, reported 300 asbestos deaths during the same time period but the ratio of asbestos cancer to asbestosis victims was roughly equal.
Florida Cities where Asbestos Exposure Occurred

Provided below is a list of cities in the state of Florida where asbestos jobsites are known to have been located. If you worked at any of these companies and/or jobsites in Florida there is a possibility that you may have been exposed to harmful asbestos which is known to cause mesothelioma.

    Fernandina Beach,
    Fort Lauderdale,
    Fort Pierce,
    Key West,
    Lake City,

    Panama City,
    Port Saint Joe,
    Saint Petersburg,
    West Palm Beach,

Asbestos Industries

Most asbestos sites in Florida are located in the state's southern region. A large percentage of these sites were power generation facilities. Additionally, Florida has a large number of shipbuilding and marine repair facilities as well as a number of U.S. Naval bases.

Other sources of asbestos exposure include chemical companies and public buildings.

Interestingly, the sugar processing industry is also a source of asbestos exposure. U.S. Sugar Inc. was a Florida company where workers suffered from asbestos exposure. This is not unique to Florida; an Italian study in 1995 noted elevated rates of mesothelioma among that country's sugar industry employees as well.
Asbestos Litigation Reform

While “tort reform” has been perceived in many jurisdictions as shielding corporations from having to take responsibility, such laws in Florida are attempting to free up legal resources for those who are actually suffering from asbestos illness as opposed to those who may have a history of exposure but have not exhibited any symptoms.

An amicus curiae brief filed in September 2007 pointed out that 90% of asbestos claimants in fact had no symptoms, and had been motivated to file cases based on “unreliable mass screenings.” Florida's Asbestos Reform Law gives priority to cases in which plaintiffs have actually been diagnosed; however, it does not prevent those exposed to asbestos from filing a claim with a mesothelioma lawyer in the event that they develop an asbestos-related disease later on.
Other Florida Jobsites Where Asbestos Exposure Occurred

If someone you know has ever worked at one of the Jobsites listed below, they may have been exposed to high levels of asbestos. Asbestos exposure at any one of these Jobsites could put them at risk for developing one of the following asbestos related diseases: malignant mesothelioma (a terminal asbestos cancer), lung cancer, asbestosis or pleural mesothelioma.
Belle Glade

    Atlantic Sugar Association
    Belle Glade Sugar Mill
    Florida Sugar Corporation
    Glades Sugar House
    Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida
    Talisman Sugar Corp
    U.S. Sugar Company


    Ammonia Inc.
    Chemical Inc
    IMC Corporation
    International Minerals & Chemical Company
    J.F. Pritchard & Company


    Bradenton Steam Electric Station
    Florida National Bank
    Florida Power & Light Company
    Manatee Light and Fraction Company
    Manatee Memorial Hospital
    Phoenix Utility Company
    Tropicana Products, Inc
    Zoller Lumber Company


    Amalgamated Phosphate Company
    American Cyanamid Company


    Central Power & Lime Inc
    Chemical Lime Company
    Florida Mining & Materials Corporation
    Southern Bell Telephone Company


    Champion International
    Champion Paper
    Florida Pulp & Paper Company
    Saint Regis Paper Company
    St. Regis Paper Company

Cape Canaveral

    Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
    Cape Canaveral Power Plant
    Complex 37
    Florida Power & Light
    Kennedy Space Center


    Clewiston Power Plant
    Clewiston, Ltd.
    Everglades Sugar Refinery Inc.
    Florida Cane Products Corp
    Southern Sugar Company
    Sugar Mill
    United States Sugar Corp


    Cape Kennedy Air Force Station
    Cidco Park
    Cocoa Power Plant
    Orlando Utilities
    Patrick Air Force Base
    Rocket Insulation Company

Crystal River

    Crystal River Nuclear Plant
    Crystal River Units
    Florida Power & Light Company


    Deland Electric Light Power and Ice Company
    Southern Bell Telephone Company
    Turner Power Plant
    Us Air Operational Training Station


    B. C. Skinner Machinery
    Citrus Concentrates Inc
    Clinton Foods Inc
    George L. Simonds
    Juice Industries, Inc

East Tampa

    U.S. Phosphoric Products Corporation


    Florida Power Corporation
    Turner Plant


    Brooks-Scanlon Corporation
    Buckeye Cellulose Corporation
    Buckeye Florida
    Proctor and Gamble Paper Company, Mill
    Triangle Construction Company

Fort Meade

    Armour Agricultural Chemical
    Armour Mine
    Us Steel
    V C Chemical Company

Fort Myers

    Fort Myers Power Plant


    Chemstrand Company
    Combustion Engineering Inc
    Daniel Construction Company
    Gonzalez Corp
    Monsanto Chemical Company
    Monsanto Textiles Company
    Nylon Development Center


    FEC Hialeah TT
    Holiday Inn
    Miami Mills Inc.
    Seaboard Airline Railroad Company
    T & H Insulation, Inc.


    Anclote Power Plant


    Diplomat Hotel
    Hollywood Florida Water & Sewage
    Hollywood Memorial Hospital
    Memorial Hospital


    Everglades National Park
    Homestead Air Force Base
    Turkey Point Powerhouse
    U S Air Force


    Amerada Hess Corporation
    Delta Engineering Corporation
    Exxon Plant
    Jay Oil


    Asphalt Pavers, Inc
    Grass Fibre Pulp and Paper Company
    Leesburg Canning Company
    Leesburg Ice Company
    Minute Maid Corp
    Vacuum Food Corp

Miami Beach

    Castaways Hotel
    Eden Roc Hotel
    Florida Power & Light Company
    Fontainbleau Hotel
    Holiday Inn
    Seville Hospital


    By Rne Organization X Field
    Escambia Bay Chemical Company
    U.S. Naval Auxiliary Air Station
    United States Navy Air Base
    X Field


    Conserco Plant
    Conserv, Inc
    Mobil Chemical Company
    Virginia Carolina Chemical Company
    Virginia Carolina Dap Plant


    Ferguson Lumber
    Fidelity Savings & Loan Company
    Georgia Pacific Corp
    Monroe Memorial Hospital
    Ocala Manufacturing Company


    A.W. Higgins Power Station
    Florida Power Corp
    Higgins Power Plant


    Air Products Company
    American Cyanamid Company
    Columbia National
    Escambia Chemical Corporation
    Santa Rosa Plant
    South Central Bell Telephone Company

Palm Beach

    Breakers Hotel
    Florida East Coast Hotel Company
    Hotel Alba
    Palm Beach Power Plant
    Seacoast Utilities


    Buckeye Cellulose Corporation
    Buckeye Paper
    Burton Swartz Cypress Company
    Lee Tidewater Cypress Company

Plant City

    Cornett Mine
    Coronet Phosphate Company
    Cpi Siding
    Davy PowerGas Incorporated
    Lykes Brothers Plant
    Plant City Public Services Company


    Florida Foods Inc
    Minute Maid Corp
    Plymouth Citrus Growers Ass'N
    Plymouth Citrus Products
    Thomas Oconnor and Company
    Vacuum Foods Corp

Pompano Beach

    Broward County Animal County Div
    Burdines Department Store
    Pompano Fashon Square
    Sea Haven Condominium Apartments
    Worthington Pump

Red Level

    Florida Power & Light Company

Riviera Beach

    Bizarre International
    Florida Power & Light Company
    Port of Palm Beach
    Riviera Beach Power Plant
    Tropical Shipping and Construction

Saint Augustine

    Barnett Bostwick and Osmond
    Howard Johnson Motel
    Lightner Museum
    Ponce De Leon Hotel
    St. Augustine Light and Power Company
    St. John Light and Power Company

Saint Lucie

    St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant


    Air Operational Training Station
    Florida Power & Light Company
    M.S. Wiggins
    Naval Air Station
    Old Crown Company Plant
    Old Crown Warehouse
    Patrick Fruit Company
    Sanford Power Plant
    United States Naval Air Station


    Electronic Mechanical Research Building
    Florida Power & Light Company
    Morgan Junior High School
    Payne Terminal
    Sarasota Courthouse
    Sarasota Powerhouse


    Sholz Power Plant

South Bay

    Gulf & Western Foods Products
    Okeelanta Growers and Processors Cooperative
    Okeelanta Sugar Refinery
    Okellanta Corporation

Tampa Bay

    Gannon/Culbreath Power Plant


    Black and Watch
    Imperial Towers
    Indian River Plant
    Pantry Pride

Vero Beach

    Air Operational Training Station
    City of Vero Beach/Vero Beach Station #2
    Indiana River Hospital
    Municipal Power Plant

White Springs

    Occidental Chemical Corporation
    PCS Phosphate


    United States Naval Air Station
    United States Naval Hospital


American Management Resources Corporation. "Experience: Asbestos." American Management Resources Corporation

Read more:

H. Lee Moffit Cancer Center and Research Institute
Tampa, Florida

Mayo Clinic
Jacksonville, Florida

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center
Miami, Florida

Read more: Florida Mesothelioma Resources Information |

Florida Injury Lawyers, Florida Hospital Resource Page

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If you have been injured in an accident in Florida call us for an injury lawyer. We are here 24hrs, 7 days to help you locate a personal injury, accident attorney.

We can assist you in retrieving your medical records.

Medical Clinics and Hospitals

Bethesda Memorial Hospital
2815 South Seacrest Boulevard
Boynton Beach, Florida 33435-7995
(561) 737-7733

Oakwood Ctr of the Palm Beach
1041 45th Street
West Palm Beach, FL 33407-2494
(561) 383-8000

Orlando South Seminole Hosp
555 West State Road 434
Longwood, Florida 32750-4999
(407) 767-1200

Vaginal Mesh Lawyers Florida

Palmetto General Hospital
2001 West 68th Street
Hialeah, Florida 33016-1898
(305) 823-5000

North Florida Reg Medical Ctr
6500 Newberry Road
Gainesville, Florida 32605-4392
(352) 333-4000

Atlantic Shores Hospital
4545 North Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308-5274
(954) 771-2711

Baptist Medical Center Beaches
1350 13th Avenue South
Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250-3205
(904) 627-2900

Brooksville Regional Hospital
17240 Cortez Boulevard
Brooksville, Florida 34601
(352) 796-5111

Charlotte Regional Med Center
809 East Marion Avenue
Punta Gorda, Florida 33950-3898
(941) 639-3131

Coral Springs Medical Center
3000 Coral Hills Drive
Coral Springs, Florida 33065
(954) 344-3000

Edward White Hospital
2323 Ninth Avenue North
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33713-6898
(727) 323-1111


Florida Hospital Fish Memorial
1055 Saxon Boulevard
Orange City, Florida 32763-8468
(386) 917-5000

Florida Hosp-Ormond Memorial
875 Sterthaus Avenue
Ormond Beach, Florida 32174-5197
(386) 676-6000

Gulf Breeze Hospital
1110 Gulf Breeze Parkway
Gulf Breeze, Florida 32561
(850) 934-2000

1675 Riggins Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32308-5315
(850) 656-4800

Baptist Hospital of Miami
8900 North Kendall Drive
Miami, Florida 33176-2197
(786) 596-1960


Baptist Medical Center
800 Prudential Drive
Jacksonville, Florida 32207-8203
(904) 202-2000

Baptist Medical Center Nassau
1250 South 18th Street
Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034-3098
(904) 321-3500

Bartow Regional Medical Center
2200 Osprey Boulevard
Bartow, Florida 33830-3308
(863) 533-8111

Bascom Palmer Eye Inst & Hosp
900 NW 17th Street
Miami, Florida 33136-1199
(305) 326-6000

Bayfront Medical Center
701 Sixth Street South
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701-4891
(727) 823-1234

Bay Medical Center
615 North Bonita Avenue
Panama City, Florida 32401-3600
(850) 769-1511

Bert Fish Medical Center
401 Palmetto Street
New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32168-7399
(386) 424-5000A G Holley State Hospital
1199 West LantanaRoad
Lantana, Florida 33462-1514
(561) 582-5666

All Children’s Hospital
801 Sixth Street South
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701-4899
(727) 898-7451

Aventura Hospital & Med Center
20900 Biscayne Boulevard
Aventura, Florida 33180-1407
(305) 682-7000

Baptist Hospital
1000 West Moreno
Pensacola, Florida 32501-2393
(850) 434-4011

Blake Medical Center
2020 59th Street West
Bradenton, Florida 34209-4669
(941) 792-6611

Boca Raton Community Hospital
800 Meadows Road
Boca Raton, Florida 33486-2368
(561) 955-7100

Transvaginal Mesh Lawyers Florida

Brandon Regional Hospital
119 Oakfield Drive
Brandon, Florida 33511-5799
(813) 681-5551

Cape Coral Hospital
636 Del Prado Boulevard
Cape Coral, Florida 33990-2695
(239) 574-2323

Capital Regional Medical Ctr
2626 Capital Medical Boulevard
Tallahassee, Florida 32308-4499
(850) 325-5000

Central Florida Regional Hosp
1401 West Seminole Boulevard
Sanford, Florida 32771-6764
(407) 321-4500

Circles of Care
400 East Sheridan Road
Melbourne, Florida 32901-3184
(321) 722-5200

Citrus Memorial Health System
502 West Highland Boulevard
Inverness, Florida 34452-4754
(352) 726-1551

Cleveland Clinic Florida
3100 Weston Road
Weston, Florida 33331-3602
(954) 689-5000

Columbia Hospital
2201 45th Street
West Palm Beach, Florida 33407-2069
(561) 842-6141

Community Hospital
5637 Marine Parkway
New Port Richey, Florida 34652-4331
(727) 848-1733

Coral Gables Hospital
3100 Douglas Road
Coral Gables, Florida 33134-6990
(305) 445-8461

Delray Medical Center
5352 Linton Boulevard
Delray Beach, Florida 33484-6580
(561) 498-4440

DeSoto Memorial Hospital
900 North Robert Avenue
Arcadia, Florida 34266-8765
(863) 494-3535

Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital
3599 University Blvd South
Jacksonville, Florida 32216-4252
(904) 858-7600

Broward General Medical Center
1600 South Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316-2510
(954) 355-4400

Calhoun-Liberty Hospital
20370 NE Burns Avenue
Blountstown, Florida 32424-1097
(850) 674-5411

Campbellton Graceville Hosp
5429 College Drive
Graceville, Florida 32440-1897
(850) 263-4431


Cape Canaveral Hospital
701 West Cocoa Beach Causeway
Cocoa Beach, Florida 32931-5595
(321) 799-7111

Devereux Hosp & Children’s Ctr
8000 Devereux Drive
Melbourne, Florida 32940-7907
(321) 242-9100

Doctors Hospital
5000 University Drive
Coral Gables, Florida 33146-2094
(305) 308-3000

Doctors Hospital of Sarasota
5731 Bee Ridge Road
Sarasota, Florida 34233-5056
(941) 342-1100

Doctor’s Memorial Hospital
333 North Byron Butler Pkwy
Perry, Florida 32347-2104
(850) 584-0800

Doctors Memorial Hospital
401 East Byrd Avenue
Bonifay, Florida 32425-3007
(850) 547-1120

Ed Fraser Memorial Hospital
159 North Third Street
MacClenny, Florida 32063-0484
(904) 259-3151

Englewood Community Hospital
700 Medical Boulevard
Englewood, Florida 34223-3978
(941) 475-6571

Transvaginal Mesh Lawyers Florida

Fawcett Memorial Hospital
21298 Olean Boulevard
Port Charlotte, Florida 33952-6765
(941) 629-1181

Florida Hospital Wauchula
533 West Carlton Street
Wauchula, Florida 33873
(863) 773-3101

Florida Hospital Zephyrhills
7050 Gall Boulevard
Zephyrhills, Florida 33541-1399
(813) 788-0411

Florida Medical Center
5000 West Oakland Park Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33313-1585
(954) 735-6000

Florida State Hospital
U S Highway 90 East
Chattahoochee, Florida 32324-1000
(850) 663-7536

Focus Healthcare of Florida
5960 SW 106th Avenue
Cooper City, Florida 33328
(954) 680-2700

Fort Lauderdale Hospital
1601 East Las Olas Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301-2393
(954) 463-4321

Fort Walton Beach Medical Ctr
1000 Mar-Walt Drive
Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32547-6795
(850) 862-1111

Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit Florida

George E Weems Mem Hospital
135 Avenue G
Apalachicola, Florida 32320-1613
(850) 653-8853

Glades General Hospital
1201 South Main Street
Belle Glade, Florida 33430-4911
(561) 996-6571

Good Samaritan Medical Center
1309 North Floridaagler Drive
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401-3499
(561) 655-5511

Gulf Coast Hospital
13681 Doctors Way
Fort Myers, Florida 33912-4309
(239) 768-5000

Fishermen’s Hospital
3301 Overseas Highway
Marathon, Florida 33050-0068
(305) 743-5533

Flagler Hospital
400 Health Park Boulevard
Saint Augustine, Florida 32086-5779
(904) 829-5155

Florida Hospital
601 East Rollins Street
Orlando, Florida 32803-1489
(407) 303-6611

Florida Hospital – De Land
701 West Plymouth Avenue
De Land, Florida 32720
(386) 943-4522

Florida Hospital-Flagler
60 Memorial Medical Parkway
Palm Coast, Florida 32164
(386) 586-2000

Florida Hospital Heartland
4200 Sun’n Lake Boulevard
Sebring, Florida 33872-1986
(863) 314-4466

Vaginal Surgical Mesh Lawyers Florida

Florida Hospital Waterman
1000 Waterman Way
Tavares, Florida 32778-5266
(352) 253-3333

Gulf Coast Medical Center
449 West 23rd Street
Panama City, Florida 32405-4593
(850) 769-8341

Halifax Health Medical Center
303 North Clyde Morris Blvd
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114-2700
(386) 254-4000

Health Central
10000 West Colonial Drive
Ocoee, Florida 34761-3499
(407) 296-1000

HealthMark Regional Med Ctr
4413 US Highway 331 South
DeFuniak Springs, Florida 32435
(850) 951-4500

HEALTHSOUTH Emerald Coast Hosp
1847 Florida Avenue
Panama City, Florida 32405-4640
(850) 914-8600

Heart of Florida Reg Med Ctr
40100 Highway 27
Davenport, Florida 33837-5902
(863) 422-4971

Helen Ellis Memorial Hospital
1395 South Pinellas Avenue
Tarpon Springs, Florida 34689-3721
(727) 942-5000

Hendry Regional Medical Center
524 West Sagamore Avenue
Clewiston, Florida 33440-3094
(863) 983-9121

Hialeah Hospital
651 East 25th Street
Hialeah, Florida 33013-3878
(305) 693-6100

Highlands Regional Med Center
3600 South Highlands Avenue
Sebring, Florida 33870-5495
(863) 471-5800

H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center
12902 Magnolia Drive
Tampa, Florida 33612-9497
(813) 972-4673

Hollywood Pavilion
1201 North 37th Avenue
Hollywood, Florida 33021-5498
(954) 962-1355

Holmes Regional Medical Center
1350 South Hickory Street
Melbourne, Florida 32901-3276
(321) 434-7000

Holy Cross Hospital
4725 North Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308-4668
(954) 771-8000

Homestead Hospital
975 Baptist Way
Homestead, Florida 33033-7600
(786) 243-8000

Hospice of Palm Beach County
5300 East Avenue
West Palm Beach, Florida 33407-2352
(561) 848-5200

Imperial Point Medical Center
6401 North Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308-1495
(954) 776-8500


Indian River Medical Center
1000 36th Street
Vero Beach, Florida 32960-6592
(772) 567-4311

Jackson Hospital
4250 Hospital Drive
Marianna, Florida 32446-1939
(850) 526-2200

Jackson Memorial Hospital
1611 NW 12th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33136-1094
(305) 585-1111

HEALTHSOUTH Rehab Hospital
901 North Clearwater-Largo Rd
Largo, Florida 33770-4126
(727) 586-2999

HEALTHSOUTH Rehab Hospital
20601 Old Cutler Road
Miami, Florida 33189-2400

Transvaginal Mesh Lawyers Florida

HEALTHSOUTH Rehab Hospital
12440 Cortez Boulevard
Brooksville, Florida 34613-2628

HEALTHSOUTH Rehab Hospital
6400 Edgelake Drive
Sarasota, Florida 34240-8813

101 East Florida Avenue
Melbourne, Florida 32901-9966
(321) 984-4600

HEALTHSOUTH Sunrise Rehab Hosp
4399 Nob Hill Road
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33351-5899
(954) 749-0300

HEALTHSOUTH Treasure Hospital
1600 37th Street
Vero Beach, Florida 32960-6549
(772) 778-2100

Vaginal Mesh Lawyers Florida

Jackson North Medical Center
160 NW 170th Street
North Miami Beach, Florida 33169-5576
(305) 651-1100

Jackson South Comm Hospital
9333 SW 152nd Street
Miami, Florida 33157-1780
(305) 251-2500

James A Haley Veterans Hosp
13000 Bruce B Downs Boulevard
Tampa, Florida 33612-4798
(813) 972-2000

Jay Hospital
14114 South Florida Street
Jay, Florida 32565-1070
(850) 675-8000

Kindred Hospital-Bay Area
3030 Sixth Street South
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33705-3720
(727) 894-8719

Kindred Hospital-Coral Gables
5190 SW Eighth Street
Coral Gables, Florida 33134-2495
(305) 445-1364

Kindred Hospital North Florida
801 Oak Street
Green Cove Springs, Florida 32043-4317
(904) 284-9230

Kindred Hospital Ocala
1500 SW 1st Avenue
Ocala, Florida 34474
(352) 369-0513


Kindred Hospital South Florida
1859 Van Buren Street
Hollywood, Florida 33020-5127
(954) 920-9000

Kindred Hospital South Florida
1516 East Las Olas Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301-2399

Lake Butler Hosp Surg Center
850 East Main Street
Lake Butler, Florida 32054-1335
(386) 496-2323

Lake City Medical Center
340 NW Commerce Drive
Lake City, Florida 32055-3718
(386) 719-9000

Lakeland Regional Med Center
1324 Lakeland Hills Blvd
Lakeland, Florida 33805-4543
(863) 687-1100

Lake Wales Medical Centers
410 South 11th Street
Lake Wales, Florida 33853-4256
(863) 676-1433

Lakewood Ranch Medical Center
8330 Lakewood Ranch Boulevard
Bradenton, Florida 34202
(941) 782-2100

Largo Medical Center
201 14th Street SW
Largo, Florida 33770-3133
(727) 588-5200

Larkin Community Hospital
7031 SW 62nd Avenue
South Miami, Florida 33143-4781
(305) 284-7500

Lawnwood Reg Medical Center
1700 South 23rd Street
Fort Pierce, Florida 34950-0188
(772) 461-4000

Lee Memorial Hospital
2776 Cleveland Avenue
Fort Myers, Florida 33901-5855
(239) 332-1111

Leesburg Regional Med Center
600 East Dixie Avenue
Leesburg, Florida 34748-5999
(352) 323-5762


JFK Medical Center
5301 South Congress Avenue
Atlantis, Florida 33462-1197
(561) 965-7300

Jupiter Medical Center
1210 South Old Dixie Highway
Jupiter, Florida 33458-7299
(561) 747-2234

Kendall Regional Med Center
11750 Bird Road
Miami, Florida 33175-3530
(305) 223-3000

Kindred Hosp Bay Area -Tampa
4555 South Manhattan Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33611-2397
(813) 839-6341

Kindred Hosp – Central Tampa
4801 North Howard Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33603-1484
(813) 874-7575

Lehigh Regional Medical Center
1500 Lee Boulevard
Lehigh Acres, Florida 33936-4897
(239) 369-2101

Lower Keys Medical Center
5900 College Road
Key West, Florida 33040-4396
(305) 294-5531

Madison County Mem Hospital
309 NE Marion Street
Madison, Florida 32340-2561
(850) 973-2271

Malcom Randall VA Medical Ctr
1601 SW Archer Road
Gainesville, Florida 32608-1197
(352) 376-1611

Vaginal Mesh Lawyer Florida

Manatee Glens Hospital
2020 26th Avenue East
Bradenton, Florida 34208
(941) 741-3117

Manatee Memorial Hospital
206 Second Street East
Bradenton, Florida 34208-1000
(941) 746-5111

Manatee Palms Youth Services
4480 51st Street West
Bradenton, Florida 34210
(941) 792-2222

Memorial Hospital West
703 North Flamingo Road
Pembroke Pines, Florida 33028-1014
(954) 436-5000

Memorial Hosp of Jacksonville
3625 University Blvd South
Jacksonville, Florida 32216-4240
(904) 399-6111

Memorial Regional Hospital
3501 Johnson Street
Hollywood, Florida 33021-5421
(954) 987-2000

Memorial Regional Hosp South
3600 Washington Street
Hollywood, Florida 33021-8216
(954) 966-4500


Mercy Hospital
3663 South Miami Avenue
Miami, Florida 33133-4237
(305) 854-4400

Metropolitan Hospital of Miami
5959 NW Seventh Street
Miami, Florida 33126-3198
(305) 264-1000

Miami Children’s Hospital
3100 SW 62nd Avenue
Miami, Florida 33155-3009
(305) 666-6511

Miami Jewish Home & Hosp
5200 NE Second Avenue
Miami, Florida 33137-2706
(305) 751-8626

Morton Plant Hospital
300 Pinellas Street
Clearwater, Florida 33756-3825
(727) 462-7000


Morton Plant North Bay Hosp
6600 Madison Street
New Port Richey, Florida 34652-1900
(727) 842-8468

Mount Sinai Medical Center
4300 Alton Road
Miami Beach, Florida 33140-2800
(305) 674-2121

Munroe Regional Medical Center
1500 SW 1st Avenue
Ocala, Florida 34474-4059
(352) 351-7200

Naples Community Hospital
350 Seventh Street North
Naples, Florida 34102-4746
(239) 436-5000

Nature Coast Regional Hospital
125 SW Seventh Street
Williston, Florida 32696-2403
(352) 528-2801

Naval Hospital
2080 Child Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32214-5000
(904) 542-7300

Naval Hospital
6000 West Highway 98
Pensacola, Florida 32512-0003

New Horizons of Treasure Coast
4500 West Midway Road
Fort Pierce, Florida 34981
(772) 468-5600

North Broward Medical Center
201 Sample Road
Deerfield Beach, Florida 33064-3502
(954) 941-8300


North Okaloosa Medical Center
151 Redstone Avenue SE
Crestview, Florida 32539-6026
(850) 689-8100

North Ridge Medical Center
5757 North Dixie Highway
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334-4182
(954) 776-6000

North Shore Medical Center
1100 NW 95th Street
Miami, Florida 33150-2098
(305) 835-6000

Northside Hosp & Heart Inst
6000 49th Street North
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33709-2145
(727) 521-4411

Mariners Hospital
91500 Overseas Highway
Tavernier, Florida 33070-2547
(305) 434-1582

Marion-Citrus Mental Hlth Ctr
5664 SW 60th Avenue
Ocala, Florida 34474-5677
(352) 291-5500

Martin Memorial Health Systems
200 SE Hospital Avenue
Stuart, Florida 34994
(772) 287-5200

Mease Countryside Hospital
3231 McMullen-Booth Road
Safety Harbor, Florida 34695-1098
(727) 725-6111

Mease Hospital Dunedin
601 Main Street
Dunedin, Florida 34698-5891
(727) 733-1111


Memorial Hospital Miramar
1901 SW 172nd Avenue
Miramar, Florida 33029
(954) 538-5000

Memorial Hospital of Tampa
2901 Swann Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33609-4057
(813) 873-6400

Memorial Hospital Pembroke
7800 Sheridan Street
Pembroke Pines, Florida 33024-2536
(954) 962-9650

Northwest Florida Comm Hosp
1360 Brickyard Road
Chipley, Florida 32428-6303
(850) 638-1610

Northwest Medical Center
2801 North State Road 7
Margate, FL 33063
(954) 978-4000

Oak Hill Hospital
11375 Cortez Boulevard
Brooksville, FL 34613
(352) 596-6632

Ocala Regional Medical Center
1431 SW First Avenue
Ocala, FL 34474-4058
(352) 401-1000

Orange Park Medical Center
2001 Kingsley Avenue
Orange Park, Florida 32073-5156
(904) 276-8500

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Orlando Regional Medical Ctr
1414 Kuhl Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32806-2093
(407) 841-5111

Osceola Reg Medical Center
700 West Oak Street
Kissimmee, Florida 34741-4996
(407) 846-2266

Palm Bay Community Hospital
1425 Malabar Road NE
Melbourne, Florida 32907
(321) 434-8000

Palm Beach Gardens Med Ctr
3360 Burns Road
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410-4304
(561) 622-1411

Palms of Pasadena Hospital
1501 Pasadena Avenue South
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33707-3798
(727) 381-1000

Palm Springs General Hospital
1475 West 49th Street
Hialeah, Florida 33012-3275
(305) 558-2500

Palms West Hospital
13001 Southern Boulevard
Loxahatchee, Florida 33470-1150
(561) 798-3300

Vaginal Mesh Lawyer Florida

Parrish Medical Center
951 North Washington Avenue
Titusville, Florida 32796-2194
(321) 268-6111

Pasco Regional Medical Center
13100 Fort King Road
Dade City, Florida 33525-5294
(352) 521-1100

Florida Workers Compensation Phone Numbers, Florida Resource Guide

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Florida Workers' Compensation Telephone Directory resource guide offered by the Florida Workers Compensation lawyers of  Attorney Referral Service, Contact a Florida Workers' Compensation Lawyer now to protect your legal rights.

DWC – Tallahasse – Employee Assistance


DWC – Pensacola – Employee Assistance


DWC – Jacksonville – Employee Assistance


DWC – Ocala – Employee Assistance


DWC – Orlando – Employee Assistance


DWC – Daytona – Employee Assistance


DWC – Tampa – Employee Assistance


DWC – Fort Myers – Employee Assistance


DWC – Plantation – Employee Assistance


DWC – West Palm Beach – Employee Assistance


DWC – Miami – Employee Assistance


DWC – Jacksonville – Bureau of Compliance


DWC – Ocala – Bureau of Compliance


DWC – Tallahassee – Bureau of Compliance


DWC – Fort Walton Beach – Bureau of Complianc

850 833-9048

DWC – Panama City – Bureau of Compliance


DWC – Pensacola – Bureau of Compliance


DWC – Plantation – Bureau of Compliance


DWC – West Palm Beach – Bureau of Compliance


DWC – Port Richey – Bureau of Compliance


DWC – Tampa – Bureau of Compliance


DWC – Sarasota – Bureau of Compliance


DWC – Daytona Beach – Bureau of Compliance


DWC – Orlando – Bureau of Compliance


DWC – Tavares – Bureau of Compliance


DWC – Titusville – Bureau of Compliance


DWC – Miami – Bureau of Compliance


DWC – Fort Myers – Bureau of Compliance


DWC – St. Augustine – Bureau of Compliance


Workers Compensation Law In Florida, Workers Comp Lawyers

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Workers' Compensation Law In  Florida
An estimated 100,000 Floridians annually are injured on the job and apply for workers' compensation benefits. The majority of these people sail right through the state's workers' compensation system, receiving payments for their medical bills and back wages. Others, however, are not so lucky. For one reason or another, they become mired in an increasingly complicated and costly bureaucracy. Florida, like many states, has struggled with its workers' compensation program, trying to balance the interests of injured workers, employers, and insurers, all while containing costs.

Workers' compensation law is complicated and frequently subject to change. If you have any questions concerning workers' compensation, particularly if you are an injured employee whose employer has refused to pay benefits, you should consult an attorney.

Workers' Compensation: The Basics
Workers' compensation is a state program requiring employers to have an insurance policy covering employees for work-related injuries. Should an employee be injured on the job, the employer or the insurance company will provide payments for medical care and lost wages due to the injury. Though the employer (not the employee) pays the insurance premium, the cost of workers' compensation is ultimately passed to the consumer in the form of higher prices for goods and services.

The notion of the employer, and eventually the public, paying for employee work-related injuries originated in Germany during the latter half of the nineteenth century. Among the chief proponents of a German workers' compensation program was Bertha von Krupp of the famed German manufacturer, Krupp Works. Krupp had long believed that taking care of workers was in the best interest of business and in 1884 successfully persuaded Chancellor Otto von Bismark to support workers' compensation for all of Germany. Ironically, Krupp is also known for her namesake, "Big Bertha," the enormous canon that pounded England from the European mainland during World War I.

Workers' compensation did not come to the U.S. until about 1910 when New York and Massachusetts adopted their programs. Florida adopted its program in 1935. The advent of workers' compensation relieved injured employees from having to sue their employer to collect any sort of damages. Earlier, an employee had to prove (usually unsuccessfully) that the employer had negligently failed to provide a safe work environment. Under workers' compensation, however, employees are usually entitled to collect benefits regardless of fault. That is, even if an employee is responsible for his or her own injury, as long as the injury occurred on the job, the employee is usually covered by workers' compensation. The only catch to the program is that in most cases, workers' compensation benefits are the only form of remedy. After receiving benefits, an injured employee cannot sue his or her employer for further monies.

Who Is Covered
Generally, Florida law requires that all employers with four or more employees must have workers' compensation insurance coverage. Only employees are eligible for benefits. Broadly defined, an employee is anyone under appointment or contract for hire, oral or written, full or part-time. This includes aliens (lawfully or unlawfully employed), minors, and prisoners on work-release programs. Not included in this definition are independent contractors (such as bands, orchestras, and theatrical performers hired for a limited engagement, or anyone who is not subject to the control and direction of the employer), domestic servants in private homes, volunteers (in a non-governmental entity), professional athletes and motor sport teams, and casual laborers (hired for a specific job which does not exceed 10 days).

An employee's injury must arise "out of and in the course of employment" to be covered by workers' compensation. Basically, this means that the injury has to occur while the employee is involved in some activity directly related to his or her job. For example, an employee injured at the job site performing tasks at the direction of his or her employer is clearly covered. An employee who is injured on a business trip is covered, so long as he or she is engaged in employment duties. An employee is also covered during most work-related recreational events or during emergencies where the employee leaves work intending to save life or property. An employee is not covered when traveling to or from the place of employment, except if the employer asks the employee to perform a special duty on the way. Employees injured during work breaks when no work is being performed may also not be covered, depending on the circumstances.

Available Benefits
Workers' compensation entitles an employee to all reasonable and necessary medical care related to the injury. This includes visits to an approved health care provider, surgery, hospital and dental care, prescription drugs, braces, crutches, and other medical supplies ordered by an approved physician. An injured employee may also be entitled to payment for lost wages. If, as a result of the injury, the employee is unable to return to work after more than seven days, the employee is entitled to a portion of the lost income. An employee is also entitled to lost wages benefits if he or she is able to work, but earns less than 80 percent of his or her pre-injury wages, or has suffered a permanent loss of a bodily function as a result of the injury.

If an employee dies as result of a work-related injury, the employee's spouse, dependent children or dependent parents are entitled to death benefits of up to $100,000 (with certain exceptions).

Injured employees unable to return to work may be entitled to rehabilitation and training provided by the Division of Workers' Compensation, Bureau of Rehabilitation and Medical Services. The employer or insurance carrier may also provide these services voluntarily. In addition, the Bureau of Rehabilitation and Medical Services offers reemployment services to injured workers, such as help in finding a job, writing resumes, vocational testing, and counseling. As an incentive for employers to hire workers unable to return to regular work, the state's Preferred Worker Program reimburses employers the cost of a disabled employee's workers' compensation insurance premium for up to three years.

Reporting an Injury and Collecting Benefits
If an employee is injured on the job, he or she must notify the employer within 30 days of either the date of the injury, the date when the injury's effects first become apparent, or the date when a medical expert first discovers the injury. Failure to meet this deadline may threaten the right to benefits.

After an employer has been notified of an injury, the employer or insurance carrier is obligated to provide the necessary medical treatment. The employer or carrier has the right to authorize the treating physician, but cannot coerce or threaten the employee in the selection of a physician. Any employer or carrier violating this rule is guilty of a second degree misdemeanor.

The earliest an injured worker can expect to receive payments is within three weeks of the injury. This is possible if the injury is reported to the employer immediately and to the insurance carrier shortly thereafter. The carrier is required to send a payment within 14 days of being notified that the worker has been disabled for more than 6 days. Workers' compensation benefits are not considered taxable income.

An injured employee may lose the right to receive benefits if the employer has implemented a drug-free workplace program and the employee tests positive for drugs. Benefits may also be jeopardized if an employee fails to follow safety rules and is consequently injured.

When an Employer or Carrier Refuses Benefits
If the employer or the insurance carrier refuses to pay for medical care, lost wages or other matters, an injured employee should call the Division of Workers' Compensation (see the Resources section for more information). The Division of Workers' Compensation will attempt to remedy the problem through an informal resolution process. However, if that does not work, the employee will have to file a claim for benefits. If an injured worker has not yet consulted an attorney, it would be wise to do so at this point. Properly filing a claim can be complicated and mistakes may threaten a worker's right to benefits.

If both parties refuse to settle the dispute, a hearing will be held before a judge of compensation claims. At the hearing, both sides present their cases and the judge has 30 days to render a decision. The judge has the authority to require the losing party to pay the winner's court costs, including attorneys' fees. Appeal of the compensation judge's decision must be directed to the First District Court of Appeal in Tallahassee.

Employers are prohibited from discharging or threatening any employee for asserting a valid claim for workers' compensation benefits. However, employers are not required to hold an injured employee's position until they can return to work.

A final point: filing a false claim for workers' compensation benefits is a third degree felony and has serious consequences.

Employee/Employer Rights In Florida. Jason Vail, Self-Counsel Press, Bellingham, WA, 1993.

If you have questions concerning workers' compensation, call the Division of Workers' Compensation (Employee Assistance Office) at (800) 342-1741 or any of the Florida Employee Assistance Field Offices listed below.

  • Cocoa (407) 634-3596
  • Daytona Beach (386) 323-0906
  • Fort Lauderdale (305) 467-4686
  • Fort Myers (813) 278-7091
  • Gainesville (904) 599-2017
  • Jacksonville (904) 798-4372
  • Miami (305) 377-5965
  • Orlando (407) 423-6458
  • Panama City (904) 747-5424
  • Pensacola (904) 494-7111
  • Tallahassee (904) 488-7700
  • Tallahassee (904) 922-6390
  • Tampa (813) 930-7545
  • West Palm Beach (407) 640-2850

Workers Compensation Lawyers of Attorney Referral Service are experienced in all aspects of Florida Workers Compensation law. If you were injured on the job, benefits denied, medical bills unpaid or need any help with your Workers Compensation Claim the lawyers of Attorney referral will help you on a contingency basis. You will have no out of pockett expense.  Remember the goal of your emoployer and the insurance company is to pay you as lttle as they can and get you back to work. Their gopals may not be in your best interest. You need an aggressive experienced Workers Compensation klawyer on your side. Call Attorney referral Workers compensation lawyer team today.

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